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10 Organizing Tools to Fight Forgetfulness

10 Organizing Tools to Fight Forgetfulness




Tomorrow is National 'I Forgot Day' and I didn't forget!  Who knew there was such a thing?!  So many of us forget things from time to time especially during the summer months as we're out of our normal routine. Also when we become more disorganized in our physical environments we tend to be more forgetful of things like appointments, meetings, obligations, special events, etc. I've compiled a list of 10 products to help even the most forgetful folks get back on track!






Wrist Notes

Are you one of those people who need a visual reminder, like a string around your finger, to remember something? These wrist notes are a much more colorful and stylish option. 



To Do List Temporary Tattoo

Do you engage in "brainhanding," the art of writing down reminders on your hand? If so, these to-do tattoos are for you. This way you'll always have your errands list handy.




Do Not Forget Door Knob Organizer

Do you tend to forget your bus pass or tickets to events? Stash them in this neat item that hangs right on your doorknob. You'll avoid the need to make 5 more trips into the house and maybe get to where you're going on time. 


Speech Bubble Dry Erase Board

Have too many things going on in your head that you think you're going to talk yourself into remembering? Stop functioning on overdrive and do a brain dump right on this dry erase talk bubble. You can even get ones that are magnetic.




Giant Paper Clip Memo Holder

Paper clips are great at keeping things together. Why not use one of these jumbo ones to store bills that need to be mailed, your child's permission slip, or the dry cleaning ticket. All things that you shouldn't forget!



Pocket Organizer

Check out this hang-it wall organizer. It has plenty of pockets for each member of your family. Keep mail, schoolwork, or bills at the ready. What a great tool to remember the day-to-day happenings of your household.  


Auto Visor Organizer

Are you one of those individuals who gets great ideas in the car but then forgets them by the time you reach your destination? This car visor has a built-in spot for a notepad and a compartment to store those glasses that you always seem to be losing.  




Time Timer

Do you tend to lose track of time, let meetings run over, and forget how long your kids have been watching television? This visual timer is the perfect solution.  And its compact size is perfect to take with you out and about.


Mommy I'm Here Child Locator

Is it hard to keep track of your kids?  Is your child a wanderer? Do you get so absorbed in your tasks that you forget to get a visual on their whereabouts? This child tracker is the answer. The bear receiver can be attached to a child's shoe or wristband and the remote can be put on your key chain. You can hit the button on the remote to hear the bear beep to locate your missing little one.  



Tile App

Here's a great lost and found app for the tech savvy.  The Tile works with iOS and Android devices and uses a Bluetooth signal up to 100 feet, making short work of locating your missing items.  Whether keys, wallet or remote, the app supports up to 8 Tiles so you're covered.   



What gadgets, tools or tricks do you use to keep your mind sharp and ward off forgetfulness?  Feel free to share in the comments!  



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