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How to Have an Organizing Holy Moment

How to Have an Organizing Holy Moment

I listen to daily positive affirmations in the mornings from a fabulous entrepreneur and success mentor named Darren Hardy.  Recently he talked about having "holy moments" a term coined by Oprah Winfrey.  


Basically, a holy moment is an opportunity to make a decision to either do or not do.  


It's when you are faced with the challenge of making the right decision despite justification for why you can let yourself off the hook.


I'm on vacation so I can skip my workout. 

Everyone else is having pizza so I will too.

I had a long day so I'm not going to pick up the house this evening.



When it comes to organizing, I think if more of us chose to have a holy moment and make the right decision, we'd be happier and tidier in the long run.  


When you think I'm too tired to sort through the mail, think of how it's going to stack up by week's end.

When you tell yourself it's okay to skip the nightly pick-up just this once, one night ends up turning into 3 or 4.

When you fail to meal plan you end up at the drive-thru and then feel guilt later.

When you neglect to file your documents, your inbox overflows causing added stress.


It's during these times that we need to keep up CONSISTENCY, this is when we separate ourselves from being average.  Or shall I say, this is where we get to call ourselves "holier than thou."  When you're pressed and don't want to do something is when you need to push through and do it the most!  


I know when I don't want to tackle my to do list and I mean there are some days I really don't want to tackle my tasks is when I have the most productive day. It's in these instances that when you shoulder on, you often end up with the greatest results.  


The next time you're faced with a moment of decision, make it a holy one and choose to act and do!   




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