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Reach Your Organizing Goals with Daily Practice

Reach Your Organizing Goals with Daily Practice

I was introduced to Gretchen Rubin a few years ago when my book club at the time selected The Happiness Project to read. One of the first steps in her happiness journey was to declutter and organize her home and after reading that, I knew she was one to follow!


I recently came across her list: Secrets of Adulthood. One of them is "What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while." I couldn't agree more.


Too often people think that getting organized means spending a whole weekend pulling everything out of the garage. Or going through all the kids' school papers and projects at the end of the year. Those are some large scale organizing tasks and a whole lotta pressure to produce!


We tend to put too much thought and energy into things we do once in a while and don't spend enough time focusing on small daily tasks. Forget about the overwhelming once a year attic clean-out (who goes up there that often anyway?). Do away with the annual every scrap of paper in the house purge (paperwork and paper cuts are the worst and your shredder will probably overheat!).


If it's the pantry that gives you hives each morning when you can't find your granola, vow to tackle a shelf a day until it's organized. If the clutter in the entryway has you pulling your hair out when you come home every night put away one item a day until it's reclaimed.


We feel more organized when we choose to make decisions and actions everyday that align with our goals rather than a once in a while, let's go overboard, organizing bonanza.


Do you agree with this viewpoint? Have you read any of Gretchin's books? She actually just came out with a new one: The Four Tendencies and I think I'll have to put a hold on it at my library!


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  • I am a big believer in the power of "what you do every day." Periodic efforts can feel big and special and rewarding, but it is really what we do on a regular basis that changes our lives. I love Gretchen Rubin and am a big fan of her books.
    6/16/2017 6:59:24 PM Reply
    • @Seana Turner: I've started more consistently exercising every morning and that played a part in this post as I realized just doing it on weekends wasn't enough. It's the small daily stuff that adds up to the big rewards!
      6/19/2017 4:11:21 PM Reply

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