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14 Habits That Block Organization

14 Habits That Block Organization

I recently saw a list on Pinterest titled: 28 Habits That Block Your Happiness. It piqued my interest and is the inspiration for this post. Getting into the rut of the habits I've listed below can really be a roadblock to organized living. Avoid these at all cost!


1. Not putting things away when you're done.

If it takes less than 3 minutes to put something away, just do it. It'll save so much time and aggravation in the long run when you put things back where you found them in a timely manner.


2. Being too busy.

Courtney Carver, a minmalist and founder of Project 333 urges folks to "Boycott busyness." When our days are over-scheduled we feel stressed and overwhelmed and have room for little else. 


3. Taking mental notes.

We all know what happens when we take mental notes: we forget them! Write it down!


4. Organizing solely for others.

If your heart and soul isn't into the project you're tackling because you're doing it to make someone else happy, you're not making yourself happy. You'll be less likely to keep up your tidying efforts if you don't have stake in the game. Have a clear why behind your organizing goals that's related to YOU.


5. Trying to be perfect.

In this day and age with Pinterest and Instagram, it's easy to feel like your home is sub par. Those perfect little squares on social media are done up professionally or the homeowner is only showing the one neat, little corner of their home. Define what perfect means to you, don't get pressured into using someone else's standard.


6. Gripping onto the past through belongings.

Holding on to too many things from the past can give your space a sterile, museum-like feel. If everything is important, than nothing is, right?! Hold onto the memories, and let the physical stuff go.


7. Lack of a schedule / routine.

Humans are creatures of habit and when your days lack structure so will your space. Even a loose version of a schedule is better than no schedule. And if you have kids in the home, structure is key to their well-being and helps them function better.


8. Failure to schedule "me" time.

Continuing on the subject of schedules, carving out a small portion of your week to do something related to self-care is crucial for our mental health and sanity. When we take care of ourselves we're better able to handle daily setbacks and frustrations rather than feeling derailed by them.


9. Multi-tasking.

There are so many studies and research articles about the myth of multi-tasking. It's not healthy, we make more mistakes, and feel more stressed the more we juggle at once. Single-tasking is where it's at. 


10. Thinking you have more time.

Too often we overestimate how long tasks will take us, leading us to run late for work, miss appointments, and generally feel frazzled throughout the day. Timing how long it takes to do something is a great way to give you a baseline for how to map out your day. 


11. Pushing against your natural flow.

I'd hope that as adults we know if we're night owls or early birds. It really helps to identify when you're at your most optimal functioning during the day. You always want to capitalize on the time that you're most awake, alert, and energetic. Go with the grain of your peak times, not against them. You'll get more done when you're at your best.


12. Negative self talk.

Our internal dialogue is the one we listen to most. If your inner voice is constantly telling you you're lazy, messy, a failure, etc., you'll start to believe it and that thinking will surely sabotage your organizing efforts. Be gentle with yourself and praise even the smallest gains.


13. Anticipating problems.

To some extent it's healthy to anticipate challenges and try to troubleshoot them ahead of time. It's unhealthy when we focus too much on these challenges that they paralyze us into not taking action. There's the adage where focus goes, energy flows and fixating too much on the potential pitfalls won't get you out of the starting gate.


14. Doing it alone.

Many hands make light work and it's so important to ask for help when you need it. A team approach to organizing can be so beneficial and takes the pressure off feeling like you have to do it all. And working with a partner can be fun!


Do you have any habits you'd add to the list?

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  • I keep thinking of bad habits, but they're all versions of what you've already got. Good list! Regarding #13... as I like to say: Worrying is like praying for something you don't want.
    6/26/2017 9:10:27 PM Reply
    • @Hazel Thornton: I hadn't heard that worrying quote, Hazel. I know the one: Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy. Same idea. Worrying doesn't get you anywhere, plain and simple!
      6/27/2017 4:04:56 PM Reply
  • These are all completely on target! I might add buying/owning/keeping too much.The more you have, the harder it is to keep it organized!
    6/26/2017 10:15:30 AM Reply
    • @Seana Turner: Ooh, that's a good one! Thanks for chiming in, Seana.
      6/26/2017 2:10:10 PM Reply

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