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Declutter As A Form Of Self-Care

Declutter As A Form Of Self-Care

One of my favorite quotes is by Eleanor Brown:

"Clutter is not just physical stuff.

It's old ideas, toxic relationships, and bad habits.

Clutter is anything that does not support your better self."


Her words are so important because they remind us that decluttering is truly an act of self-care. If you want to be the best YOU possible you need to clear out everything that doesn't represent the best version of who you want to be.


To highlight this point, I've rounded up 10 articles that show the vital connection between decluttering and self-care. Read one or read them all; I guarantee you'll jump on the bandwagon!  


  1. Self-Care Sunday: Decluttering to Create Meaningful Spaces
  2. Clear Your Clutter With Good Self Care
  3. Self-care includes saying "no" to clutter
  4. Is Clutter Getting in the Way of Self-Care?
  5. Clearing Clutter: The Ultimate Act of Self-Care
  6. Why A Clutter Free Home Makes For Self Care
  7. What Is Organizing Really About?
  8. 7 Self-Care Tips You Can't Ignore In 2017
  9. What Decluttering Has To Do With Self-Care
  10. The Ultimate Act of Self-Care: Clearing Clutter


What would your decluttering self-care act look like?

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  • I love the perspective you've highlighted here, Sarah, as thinking about decluttering as part of self-care. We can become so burdened by our stuff. Letting go of those things that take up physical and mental energy can be liberating. We don't realize how heavy the weight is until we're willing to lighten the load. I've been working on de-assessing a lifetime of things from my parents' home. As the things move on, the spaces and rooms feel lighter...and so do I. I can see and feel the transformative power of letting go.
    9/18/2017 8:26:51 AM Reply
    • @Linda Samuels: Your comment reminds me of that quote: "You can't reach for anything new if your hands are filled with yesterday's junk." It's so true how heavy the weight of our possessions can feel on us. Releasing and letting go can be such a boost to our well-being!
      9/18/2017 8:52:35 AM Reply
  • Thank you so much for including my post (number 7) Sarah! I honestly couldn't agree more with the link between decluttering and self-care!
    9/16/2017 9:32:20 AM Reply
    • @Sara: Thanks for stopping by Sara! Happy to include you. :)
      9/18/2017 8:52:58 AM Reply
  • Letting go of clutter is such a freeing process! I know lots of people want to declutter but either feel they don't have the time or that it is somehow selfish to clean out a closet when they should be doing other things. These articles show how important it is to manage your space and belongings. Allowing ourselves to take the time we need to get control of the "stuff" empowers us to be more productive in all spheres of life.
    9/15/2017 3:46:51 PM Reply
    • @Seana Turner: I couldn't agree more about the freedom aspect you mentioned. I guess that's why your tagline is Freedom through organization! ;)
      9/16/2017 8:29:26 AM Reply

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