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The Clutter-Confusion Connection

The Clutter-Confusion Connection


You're not losing it, clutter really does make you feel confused! When we have too much stuff in our environments it can create brain glitches in which we can't think straight, we forget things and generally feel out of sorts. Clutter truly wreaks havoc on our cognitions as it acts as visual noise which prevents us from concentrating on what truly matters.


Here are 5 articles that prove there is a definite connection between our clutter and our confusion:

Your Closets, Your Clutter, and Your Cognitions

Cut the Clutter 

Home Clutter, Confusion, and Chaos 

Clutter Causes Confusion

Well-being & De-Cluttering (Infographic)


The old saying goes:

"It is easier to be happy when you are not surrounded by the confusion and clutter of life."



Do you feel more confused in a cluttered space? 


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  • I once had to sit in another employee's desk who was off on another assignment. She had so much stuff in and on it, including pay stubs going back to the end of time. Finally, I couldn't stand it, and I packed everything that was specifically hers into a box so I could have a bit of room to get organized!
    2/27/2018 6:56:09 AM Reply
    • @Janet Barclay: YES, I would have done the exact same thing, Janet! Clutter really does prevent you from focusing and being productive.
      2/27/2018 11:12:18 AM Reply
  • Yes, I definitely agree. When I'm stressed out, I feel the need to clear more free space, remove visual clutter and lighten up. It is almost as if the clutter in my surroundings enters my brain and causes traffic jams in my synapses!
    2/23/2018 8:49:42 AM Reply
    • @Seana Turner: Yes! Traffic jam is the perfect visual to describe what it does to our brain and our thinking! I find that even if I'm struggling with making a decision about something that I'll turn to decluttering and it's like it unlocks something in me. The outer order brings me inner clarity it seems.
      2/23/2018 4:47:49 PM Reply

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