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How I Went Gaga Over My First NAPO Conference

How I Went Gaga Over My First NAPO Conference


The end of April I flew to Chicago where I attended the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals Annual Conference. It was my first time attending a national conference and it was such a wonderful learning and networking opportunity for me. It was 2 1/2 days of workshops, seminars, hands-on learning, leadership training, and making connections. And did I mention I got to see Lady Gaga?! 


Ok, not really. But one of my favorite seminars was "Unleash Your Inner Superstar" by Lynn O'Dowd. It was an hour-long educational program that combined music, entertainment, and an inspirational message urging us to move out of our comfort zones. Lynn shared a bit of her history that she is a cancer survivor, has walked 40 feet over hot coals, and has successfully run her own business for over 17 years.


She taught us an acronym which I'll share with you that helps you to overcome personal challenges for yourself which can be applied to any area of your life.


She encouraged us to G.O. G.A.G.A.!!!

GO = Get Outrageous 

G = GIfts

We're all born with God-given gifts and Lynn stated that when we follow our bliss we're able to tap into our gifts.

A = Action

Say yes to our gifts and take action. She stressed that our gifts are not just for us, but to be shared with everyone.

G = Guidance

Ask for help if you need it as guidance can lead to greatness.

A = Attitude 

Forget the too late, too scared, too busy mindset, as this type of attitude will hold us down. Be optimistic. Often times your stuck point comes right before your turning point. 


As Lynn gave her presentation she infused music and humor throughout. She played some of Lady Gaga's greatest hits, one from Michael Jackson and even Dream On by Aerosmith. Talk about a vocal range! But the cherry on the top was watching as she went from a professional speaker wearing a black mid-length skirt and blue blazer to ripping that off for her grand finale and revealing a sequined silver mini-dress with a wig of white hair to boot - a la Lady Gaga style! You can check out Lynn O'Dowd out HERE. It's worth a click just to see her in that wig!


Seeing her up there all glimmery and bright really was a beautiful visual reminding us that we're all superstars in our own right, but sometimes we might have to go a little GAGA to shine.


How do you see yourself going GAGA to overcome personal challenges? 

And I have to ask, what's your favorite Lady Gaga song?



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  • Sounds like a fantastic presentation - I love the acronym.
    5/15/2018 10:36:38 AM Reply
    • @Janet Barclay: It certainly is a memorable one! It also helps that I like Lady Gaga. :)
      5/16/2018 3:44:27 PM Reply
  • Congratulations to you for attending your first national NAPO conference! I remember going to my first one in 1995. It was in Dallas and I was so excited to see a bigger picture of our industry and meet people from all over the country. At that time there were very few international members. I clicked on the link and watched some of Lynn's video. What a dynamo! I can see why you were inspired by her.
    5/14/2018 4:30:41 PM Reply
    • @Linda Samuels: In case you haven't heard the 2019 conference will be back in Texas, but this time in Fort Worth - maybe you're due to visit the Lone Star state again, Linda! My Chicago conference experience will certainly be a memory I will treasure.
      5/16/2018 3:46:18 PM Reply
  • That sounds like such a fun presentation. I always love a costume change, but I've never actually tried doing one. Great how she worked her tip in with her visuals... very memorable!
    5/11/2018 5:22:13 PM Reply
    • @Seana Turner: Lynn was a very memorable and dynamic speaker! And I think you should try to work in a wardrobe change at your next presentation, Seana! ;)
      5/14/2018 10:21:24 AM Reply

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